By offering product uses & services, De Eilajj has its own therapist who is a Reiki Master and of course we provided the best level of qualities to ensure the healing process of aura able to maintain in their daily life. Our reiki master is a trusted practitioner and able to consult on aura daily care.

What So Special With Salt Bath?


•  Able to mend leaking aura
•  Raise up face aura
•  Ease the way finding spouse or getting child
•  Give positive vibes & boost confidence
•  Refresh new ideas & passion
•  Family relationship or friendship getting closer
•  As a natural magnet of success in career or business
•  Highlight self-potential
•  Help to focus more on worship


De Eilajj Scrub

•  This scrub is made with a good selection of crystalline salts with scrub whitening, olive oil and includes as well as vitamins E and C
•  Makes your skin looks more smooth, flawless and fresh after use
•  Able to absorb deeply into the pores & removes dry cells
•  By scrubbing gently to your face & body, use 2 – 3 times per week for a quick effect, and rinse with clean water after use
•  Moisturizes your skin

De Eilajj Himalaya Lamp Salt


•  Cure asthma
•  Increase heart rate
•  Neutralize & improve air quality
•  Helps reduce the movement of bacteria in the air
•  Improve productivity levels & work concentration
•  As a natural & therapeutic ingredient to enhance the body's immune system
•  Affects serotonin levels which good to aid sleep cycle & improve weak memory
•  Absorbs unpleasant odours in the room
•  Become an insect repellent agent such as mosquitoes
•  Ideal for decorating lamps in your home, bedroom & business premises

Aura Bidara


•  Himalaya salt that mixed up with herbal extract (bidara leaves)
•  Produce positive aura, and remove bad energy.
•  Alternatives to help internal (mystical) problems.
•  Use as natural protection for family and self.
•  Increase self-esteem
•  Evokes passion
•  Increase face aura
•  As a natural magnet of success in career or business
•  Reduce stress
•  Prevent from internal (mystical) problems or emotional disorder

De Eilajj Energy Spray


•  Generate mental, emotional and spiritual fitness (iq, eq, sq)
•  Raise up face aura
•  Stabilize sleep patterns / healing the insomnia
•  Control body temperature
•  Relieve headache / migraine
•  Speed up fever recovering
•  Control blood pressure
•  Give stamina to the tired body / recover from discouragement
•  Heal your aura / self-shielding from negative energy interruptions
•  Helps to provide harmonies at home & business premises

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