De Eilajj basically is in a product & service category of business inspired by our Founder; Madam De Dania. “Eilajj” can be defined as “therapy” in Arabic word and since 2018 De Eilajj have been running well, by joining many booth tour and we also provided therapy session in order to help more people days by days. So, in order to satisfied and fulfilled our customer requirements and needs, first comes first is the main problem that we need to recognize by their own physical state, their emotional state or even their spiritual state so that better service can be delivered and also product suggestion can be made since nowadays everyone have their own level of commitment and stressful life.




DE EILAJJ offer services that basically using Himalaya Salt and also Crystals as a natural healing medium. So, we provided several services that will need our customer to take a flower bath with Himalaya salt, ice therapy, foot massage with scrub, or even having Bio-energy session with our Reiki Master Therapist which is also the De Eilajj’s Founder. As a result from therapy session, normally our customer surely will be in positive vibes, more refreshing and calm, more importantly they able to get ease of heart. De Eilajj definitely here for you to regain back sense of calmness, energetic and joyful in your daily life!

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